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Child Soldiers

May 4, 2019

Even when you’re alone, or in the Democratic Republic of Congo, you generate a lot of data.

I’m a tangle of honest mistakes. Who’s to say what ultimately will happen here?

In Japan, Land of the Parasol, no-one wears sunglasses, but all wear surgical masks; mouths are hidden, not eyes.

The Lord works in mysterious ways: competitive infanticide has now been documented in 119 species. Give a pregnant mouse a whiff of a male unknown to her and she spontaneously aborts. This is known as “the Bruce effect,” not for the Boss but for the scientist (a woman) who first noted it in 1959.

Motorcyclists who own cats are more likely to die in road accidents than those who own dogs. Why? Hijacking—by toxoplasmosis.

A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the courts to be tendentious shall not be infringed.

Everything happens for a reason, but not necessarily for a good one. In Phoenix, for example, that place of fiery resurrection, a couple held a day-laborer at gunpoint and compelled him to act out their sexual fantasies. Then they nailed photos of the event to his wife.

Police find a body somewhere in a river in America; a tattoo links it to a headless woman in a bunker—somewhere else in America.

fMRI scans now show that schadenfreude activates the ventral striatum—Grand Central Station in the dopamine reward system. It comforts me to know that someone is finally seeing to the neurological correlates of envy and its lower satisfactions.

Hate—that many-chambered mansion—is on the Register of Historic Places. Desire is its architect, Time its builder, and Memory its docent.

Heart-rates of spectators at firewalking rituals synchronize with those of the firewalkers themselves—but only if the spectators are related to the walkers by blood or marriage. Eight scientists designed and performed the firewalker study. Fifty-seven people tweeted out links to it;—and of their heart-rates we know nothing.

Love is shaped like a bicycle seat. Love is a layer-cake, until it eats you, too. Love is radiant in that it has a half life. You’ll hear it said that love is “all around.” But no, love is something in the water.

Cupid—another stoned child soldier—is the greatest sniper on earth: look at his confirmed kill list.

Life, as a policy, has a very high deductible. On the other hand: life is a cat; and then it is the tree the cat climbs up in; and then it is the tree untroubled by the cat.

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  1. May 5, 2019 5:06 PM

    Damned awful truths, Mark, but well-written.

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